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TEXAS LTC (CHL) Certification Classes

Scheudle your Texas LTC (formerlly CHL) Certification Class with us Today!

Benefits include:

  • Classes taught by a Certified NRA and LTC Instructor
  • Have a class with your family, friends, and/or co-workers in an atmosphere of your choosing
  • Stress-free non-intimidating environment for beginners and shooters of all skill levels
  • Private one-on-one classes available
  • Fully Customizable experience
  • Ability to demo a variety of recommended handguns at no extra cost 

Online Classes NOW AVAILABLE!

Take the Texas LTC Course (Classroom Section) in the comfort and conveinence of your own home at your own pace. 

Please CLICK on the link below for details:

The Shooting Section can take place at a local indoor range close to you, at a preferred range, or we can come out and set up just about any place, any time (day or night).  Ask for details.

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